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  • I was branch mining at Y=12 when...

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    When II tried to hit cobble stone with my iron pickaxe in a branch it took a little more time than a normal cobblestone block to destroy. It was cobblestone only, I collected it when it dropped. But when I mined it it broke but some rat-like thing came out and crawled towards me and hit me. It did not do any harm, I killed it. I was digging in a 3 block high pathway when this happened. It happened in the whole column of 3 blocks. I saved and quit the game and posted this question. What it this? What does it mean? Have you faced this? Please tell. I am not using any mods. Beta version.
    asked Oct 6, 2017 in Gameplay by Jhugan16 (200 points)

    2 Answers

    0 votes
    I have no idea for that
    answered Nov 11, 2017 by MariaHarmon (400 points)
    0 votes
    That was a Silverfish, a Mob that hides itself within Stone or any form of Cobblestone. It is most commonly found in a library inside dungeons. The Developers based this mob after the bug, Silverfish. they eat books and are commonly sprayed for at librarys.
    answered Jan 23, 2018 by Superzeroxman (190 points)

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