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  • I can't find my awesome town!

    +1 vote
    I built this awesome town in a mild craft world. I thought I slept in my town. So I thought I set my spawn point there. But I guess I did not sleep because when I died I came back to a world spawn point far from my town. Now I can't find my town. I put so much work into it. Any advice to find it?
    asked Jun 29 in Gameplay by Joanie (130 points)

    2 Answers

    0 votes
    do u have the coords of the town?
    answered Jul 25 by creeperreaper206 (180 points)
    0 votes
    You could always look around in your current spawnpoint looking for familiar structures, forests, holes in the ground, and any other "natural " occurences. When or if you find your town you can always find out your coordinates and write them down that way when you die and end up in a different area you just simply use /tp command and type in your coordinates and boom your back.
    answered Jul 25 by Teddy.reum (200 points)

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