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  • Account Disabled?

    +3 votes

    My server was taken off the semi-vanilla and land-claim server list which it is both a category of, so I re-added them to the list and now my account is disabled. Please explain.


    IGN: Meehan_miner

    Server Name: Simplex

    asked Jul 24, 2016 in IP Servers List by Joe7670 (280 points)

    2 Answers

    –2 votes
    You wanted to make your own rules for the category - asking for them to change to fit your server.

    The rules are made in cooporation with many of the Semi Vanilla servers and it is what it is for now. If you follow those rules setup, then sure you can be in the category.

    Last check on your server you had:
    - giving the ability to players to use /kit
    - Donors (from /buy, and there website shop) are given the ability to get hats, and nick command
    - They are giving players /givepet command

    Another semi vanilla owner also tried to explain this to you on the server, but he got rejected.
    We moved your server out of the category afterwards, and then you start to flame us on email about poor management, instead of just reading and following the rules setup for that specific category.
    You bluntly moved your server back without fixing anything, and why the account is now disabled (server still listed)
    answered Jul 24, 2016 by Claush (82,220 points)
    This is the only reply I have recieved explaining to me whats going on. I need communication. You've disabled my account without explaining to me why. A server owner never came on and tried to warn me about it. So I have no clue why you would think that. The only thing in the colour codes kit is a book explaining how to use colour codes. And seriously every server has donators, if small commands like /skull and /hat arent allowed what is? And the /givepet command is a command from GRIEFPREVENTION. Theres a /kit tools command which has wooden tools and a gold shovel for claiming. If you want i can get rid of the wooden tools. But its an effective way of giving players security of their builds. But seriously none of the players have ever complained to me that they've had a problem with anything you've listed here. These are all minor things which don't affect gameplay at all. In saying all that, if its still a big deal to you I can look at what the other servers have donations for and work off of that and figure out a way to give donators a gold shovel and the book without using the kit command. The only reason why i'm angry is because of the lack of communication. I want to get my server back on the list (Also it was originally taken off the land-claim list as well which wasnt explained) so how am i going to know how to do this if theres no communication? Please reply and give me your thoughts on this as soon as you have the time please.
    The semi vanilla category description explains it - when submitting a server to a list, you accept to follow the rules on it.

    The specific category has been chaotic earlier, why we assembled the svanilla owners in a skype chat to make the new rules for the category everyone could agree on. It is already stretched to the limit on what is allowed. Semi Vanilla is only admin/protection related, to ensure a server without grief. Other functionality you can use commandblock that comes with the vanilla jar. Other exceptions to commands through plugins is explained in the description.

    If you have plugins beyond what is explained in the category description and commands through them, then it is seen as a normal modded server.

    I suggest you make your server as you want it to be and then secondary think about which categories your server fit in.

    Rules on the site have been made for a reason and is not really up for a discussion (else join the semi vanilla skype group and discuss it there with the other owners, ask one of the other top servers in the category for access).
    The list is a free service you and all other server owners can use.
    So basically there's zero tolerance to anything and everything else even if I explain to you why it's there and how it isn't affecting gameplay and only helps players secure their land or is purely cosmetic. That's great. Well can I recommend that you remove this line for the description of your svanilla servers: "Any other plugins that are used may not affect gameplay for regular players." I actually found that misleading because it implies that you can have plugins which don't affect gameplay.

    Anyway, the main reason why i'm replying to you is because I want to work on getting my server back on the list so i'll remove /nick /skull and /hat from the donation store, and i'll also remove /buy then and just link them to the website. I also remove /kit tools and /kit color and any other kit won't be available to the players. I need some feedback from you on the /givepet because that just comes with griefprevention and it says on the rules that griefprevention is allowed, so please can you clarify if you made a mistake with that or not? Or if should i still remove it?

    Please reply only to the paragraph immediately above this line. I need to know if I do everything stated above I'll be eligible for the list. Let me know as soon as you have the time. Thanks.
    It's been a month since your last post and I still haven't received a reply to my very simple questions. And my account is still disabled just for re-adding the server to the list - a small mistake should only receive a small punishment. It's been about 6 weeks since my account has been disabled. Do I really deserve this? See how someone might get frustrated by this?
    I Actually need my account to be un-disabled now. I've switched hosts and the IP is no longer the same. Would you please undisable my account or I'll be forced to make another server on the list
    +1 vote
    Please read my latest replies
    answered Sep 13, 2016 by Joe7670 (280 points)

    Please Donate To Bitcoin Address: [[address]]

    Donation of [[value]] BTC Received. Thank You.