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  • Banned for stating that the plugins would protect buildings from explosions caused by certain mobs.

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    Kicked out of the server for stating that the plugins prevent land destruction explosions, even to unclaimed land. This was because I was going to spawn a wither near a building and the admin destroyed the wither-in-progress, saying that since it was unclaimed, the wither could end up destroying it. After telling him about how encounters with creepers would go, their explosions destroying nothing in unclaimed land, along with a previous wither fight, he banned me for a few minutes. I came back and asked the owner of the town with the building (a church) if the wither was capable of destroying it. He said "no" before the admin kicked me out and left me permabanned. Yes, if you're reading this, I'm The Blademaster and I don't see THIS as a good reason to ban someone. I'm not expecting you to reply or even read though the entire thing once you know who I am, but I'm asking you to in ban me because this doesn't even seem like a good reason to ban someone. Even after Fest said that it wouldn't happen, even after that fight where the wither kept shooting skulls, only for the land to be left unscathed, along with the creepers, the blazes, and the ghosts...you ban me. Please just unban me and end up banning me for a better reason, like if I were to curse or something. Goodbye.
    asked May 12, 2016 in Minecraft Servers by Herogold200 (130 points)

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