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  • Can we get a offical stand on Vanilla

    +1 vote
    Alot of "Vanilla servers" are really more on the side of semi-vanilla, Vanilla technicly and used to be play the game the way it was ment to be, no game changing features like sethome tpa tp economy etc etc, but alot of these servers now use command block TPA TP SETHOME and the list goes on, I personally think once you start to mimic the modded servers with game changing features then your server should be classed as semi vanilla, its not fair on the people who run vanilla servers with out teleports and other stuff. there should be a limit to what can be done before your server gets classed as semi vanilla and i think anything that effects the vanilla gameplay via mods or command blocks(vanilla modding) should be seperated from those that just run jar and dotn offer game effecting features.
    asked Apr 26, 2016 in IP Servers List by Advocaite (230 points)

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