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  • At the loading screen when launching minecraft it says "done loading" and stays there.

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    OK so when i try and open minecraft at the load screen it just says "done loading" and just stays there. this all started when i tryed to get a mod, i deleted the mod and kept the original, unmodded minecraft.jar file and even that one does the same thing. what do i do? 

    asked Sep 15, 2012 in Gameplay by anonymous

    1 Answer

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    I hate to pick this question out, but this is a classic example of not checking the other answers.  I have answered this question at least 5 times in some way.  Anyway, when you open up thew minecraft launcher, click options.  Click force update.  When you log in it will redownload and fix minecraft.


    answered Sep 15, 2012 by miklvy (13,760 points)
    It won't work though!!!! I'm sooooooo freaking scared right now!!!!
    I did that too. Do you think I should re download Minecraft?
    just click the options above login at the login paged just redownloading will not work
    Still not working. I'm really scared right now D:
    so i did that idk if it works cuz i have slow internet connection cuz i live out way past the city

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