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  • How to get unbanned from Minecraft-server-list.com?

    +4 votes
    I banned from the site by doing an fake votes and i requested to be unbanned, I don't know if they rejected or just didnt read yet.

    What can i do?
    asked Dec 7, 2015 in Minecraft Servers by FireRainV (580 points)

    1 Answer

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    I did reply to the email, maybe it's in a spam folder?

    But make sure to mention what kind of ban - Do you get a cloudflare screen or is it a username, server ip?

    Just throw me an email with those info so I can look into it
    answered Dec 7, 2015 by Claush (79,670 points)
    selected Dec 7, 2015 by FireRainV
    ok, the server is removed from the list, i cant connect to my account in the site and i get the fail message "Account is disabled - Probably due to breaking the rules!"

    so, i blocked from your site, but i found the FAQ question of:Can my server be unbanned, so I can submit it again?

    FireRainV is my Username in the Site and in the Minecraft is my Server IP

    everything i sent in the e-mail thats you told me thats you read before

    I probably breaked the rule: It is not allowed to try and vote more than (once pr day pr server). If we spot deliberate cheating we might ban the player from the site. If it is many from the same server that try to cheat, a penalty can be given to the server - Terms of Use

    and i very sorry about that and i request for one more chance,
    i understand what i did and i will NEVER do this again.

    Tell me if you accepted and you will unban my account when i try login, or rejected and the block is will still be there and i will never cant get people to my server anymore (its was active in this list for 4 days).

    I will now do ONLY 1 vote in a day.
    Please remove the ban...
    Its pardoned on the username.. Also make sure to only use the Server name in title, not any plugins, gameplay or similar.
    Thank you very much! i know good description to my server, i also read the Tems of Use and i dont want get blocked again from spam. thanks.
    i done, its uploaded.
    tell me if this good name and description.

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