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  • I need information on how to set up a downloadble map for multiplayer

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    I created a map on single player based off of Bethsada's Dishonored. I want to make it downloadble so people can download it and play with their friends. It's set up for multiplayer and will only work with mulitplayer. In the map I want there to be two different kinds of players. The spwan needs to be similar to the cops and robbers map. One person will click a button and it will take them to a room with a chest containg armor and wepons and then click another button to take them to My version of the prison from Dishonored. The other players will be spawned in special jail cells.  The armored person has to let them out of the cells and make them do as he wants, but at the same time the other players have to be trying to exscape. If one trys to exscape the armored person can kill them. Same set up as cops and robbers in that since but compleaty differnt for the rest of the map. I can't set up my own server because I can not run my computer all the time and I can't pay for someone to run it for me. I have only seen ways to set special spawn throgh a multiplayer server and have not found anyway to set this up on my map.  Is there any sited that let you upload you're map so people can download it? And if so will I be abe to do all of this?
    asked Dec 5, 2013 in Gameplay by Megan Simmons (120 points)

    1 Answer

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    I believe PlanetMinecraft let's you upload maps and levels onto their website. People are able to vote and rate your map and it even shows analytics for your download. I have downloaded many maps from their website!

    If you go to the Projects tab there should be a "Post Project" Button in about the middle screen on the left. You will need to make an account but it does not take much time. Another neat thing you can do on Planet Minecraft is that you can set a progress bar on it to show users how much time is left on your project if it is unfinished



    answered Dec 17, 2013 by idfarms (720 points)

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