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  • Server supposedly offline when it is, in fact, online.

    +2 votes

    Anyone got a clue what the hell is going on? My server has apparently been down for a large period of time, despite the fact that my dashboard shows the correct amount of players and a direct connect with the listed hostname/port goes through fine.

    This is also occuring on PMC.

    The server is Tekkit but no other Tekkit servers seem to be having this problem.


    Can anyone shine light on this issue? It'd be greatly appreciated!
    asked Mar 23, 2013 in Minecraft Servers by anonymous

    1 Answer

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    Best answer
    Sounds like you personally have been looking at a cached version of the page. Try use F5 next time to refresh the page.

    And if it should show offline, you can use the manual ping in the dashboard to ping it.
    answered Mar 28, 2013 by Claush (84,290 points)

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