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  • Hey guys, this question has to do with restrictions on plugins...

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    Hey guys, so I recently created a server with mods on it :).... I downloaded it with mods already installed, but it is WAY overprotected. Nonoped players can't: Build, destroy, open doors, use levers, use pressure plates, use crafting tables, use chess, furnaces, enderchess, and more.... Most of those are a problem. So how do I limit restrictions? This is a list of mods I already have: Antilogger, buildall, chestshop, citizens, combattag, craftscripts, essentials, enssentials chat, essentials geoIP, essentialsgroupmanager, essentialsportect, essentialsspawn, essentialsupdate, essentialsXMPP, examples, factions, flasebook, groupmanager, lib, LWC, mobcatcher, narrowtuxlib, nocheat, openinv, permissions, pluginmetrics, ptweaks, rawcriticsoreobfusionpluginspout, refergift, reservations, showcase, simplesignedit, spamguard, spout, toppvp, torcharrow, treeassist, types, ultimatearena, voxelsniper, webpush, worldedit, worldguard. Yeah its alot so can someone please tell me which is causing the problem and how do i fix it...


    thank-you, M_myest

    asked Mar 9, 2013 in Bukkit / CraftBukkit by anonymous

    1 Answer

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    Wow i should of found this sight earlier, if you're still on this website, well you have luck.

    I can see you have  quite a few plugins, group manager is a permissions plugin, you need to make ranks with that, or directly give players permissions. Etc if you want them to be able to build the permission reference is world.* this allows them to build.
    answered Jul 14, 2014 by anonymous