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  • how do I put my server online?

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    asked Feb 27 in Minecraft Servers by Oxproc_YT (130 points)

    4 Answers

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    Before you can ask that I need to know what kind of server software you are using. (I do not recommend using no software or else your ip address will be leaked and people will be coming to your house or even ddos you!)
    answered May 1 by NightmareGameee (1,160 points)
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    you need to portforward your minecraft server port you your computer his ip in your modem/router default port is 25565
    answered May 1 by Wesley Uyttersprot (200 points)
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    You can click Esc to show Menu, then click Open to LAN. Everyone in your local area network should be able to access it unless blocked by firewall or something.

    If you want a server, you can either run it on your own PC (idk how this works), or find a server hosting thing like aternos, minehut or apex minecraft.

    Or you can use minecraft realms. I dont know how this works.

    This is for java edition i dont know how bedrock works
    answered May 1 by anonymous
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    Simple easy steps:

    • Do you have any spare PC? Use it as dedicated PC
    • Install the OS. Depends on your server I'll recommend you to have windows web hosting server
    • Have your VNC and set it up 
    • Install and config the FTP
    • Activate the server, for queries install HTTP support and there you go
    answered Jul 28 by RimshaKH (140 points)

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