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  • Need to ensure I never lose worlds on PE on iPad. Help!

    +3 votes
    My son is worried he will lose his worlds of his iPad crashes or the app does. Happy to use realms if that helps etc but really need to ensure If it does crash I have a back up. I am not very technologically savvy!
    asked Feb 13 in Platform by Liffk (150 points)

    2 Answers

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    Well if your playing mid-game and the ipad crashes it's really a 50% 50% chance of saving, the best you could do is auto-save (or save every couple of minutes). But as long as you save all your data to cloud, none will be lost. Here's how you do it!

    Connect the iOS device to computer, open itunes and choose the device.

    Click Apps, scroll down below the list och bought apps and there should be a heading called

    Sharing or Filesharing

    "Apps in the list below can share documents between the iPhone and the computer"

    Click Minecraft PE

    to the right there are now a folder symbol called "games"

    click to highlight this folder

    scroll down and choose "save to..."

    when restoring click "add"
    answered Apr 2 by warriorninja (1,390 points)
    0 votes
    To ensure your worlds, skins, and even texture packs and modpacks are not going to get lost you have to follow these simple steps:
    #1 Download the Xbox App
    #2 Sign Up
    #3 Log In

    #4 Open Minecraft PE on both devices
    #5 Click the sign in button on both
    #6 Sign in to your Microsoft/Xbox Account

    #7 It will back up all of your worlds!

    Thank you for asking!
    answered May 1 by NightmareGameee

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