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  • Multiplay & multiple accounts with minecraft

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    We have downloaded Minecraft for our son & now he wants to play with his younger brother. Do we need to download again for his brother to have his own character or account so they can play in the same world but with different characters?

    At the moment they play under the same account just go into different worlds.


    asked Sep 29, 2012 in Gameplay by anonymous

    1 Answer

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    You have to pay for another account and download it again in a different computer for them to play together. Also for them to join one of them has to make a world and open it to  lan by pressing esc and there should be a button saying open to lan. Then it'll show numbers at the bottom which is the ip address. The other will have to click on multiplayer and will see the server. If it is not there he must click on direct connection and type in the ip adress found on the others computer at the bottom left. Type it and he must connect.
    answered Sep 29, 2012 by anonymous
    multiplay between family members
    My son has downloaded minecraft.  Can my other son create an account with the same download if they are going to play at different times?
    They can both play at different times and at the same time but they  can't play together they'll have to buy another account.

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