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  • Can you summon a mob with dyed leather armor?

    +1 vote
    /summon minecraft:drowned ~ ~ ~ {HandItems:[{Count:1,id:iron_sword},{}],ArmorItems:[{Count:1,id:leather_chestplate}

    How do I make it dyed green? Literally nothing about this on google
    asked Jun 24, 2019 in Gameplay by Godpocalypse (130 points)

    1 Answer

    0 votes
    I am not entirely too familiar with commands but I believe this website will help you out greatly: https://www.digminecraft.com/generators/summon_mob.php


    It makes summoning mobs easier and if you pick leather armor, you can also pick what color of their armor you want as well- along with many other features.
    answered Jul 3, 2019 by eyejustwanttovote (430 points)

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