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  • I'm trying to get fortune enchantment. Help.

    +2 votes
    I have 15 bookshelves and I am on level 35 but I only get the options efficiency, unbreaking, and silk touch. Why can't I get fortune?! I am on Xbox.
    asked May 30 in Gameplay by MahnlyAssassin12 (140 points)

    1 Answer

    0 votes
    You don't get to choose the game chooses for you but you can always anvil enchant. Anvil enchanting is when you take an enchanting book and put it in the second spot of an anvil and put the item you want to enchant in the first slot. So for you you would put your pickaxe in the first slot of the anvil and one of the fortune enchanting books in the second slot. When putting in a enchanting book you want a higher number with it. Fortune has 3 enchanting books 1 2 and 3 you want to put in 3 for a higher enchantment.
    answered Jun 18 by LONEWOLF777453 (410 points)

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