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  • Can there be a punishment for those who use misleading tags?

    +1 vote
    It actually really annoys me to a huge extent when I go on a server that has used misleading plugins to promote their server. It was really bad with the Voltz servers almost all voltz servers are falsely advertised and nothing seems to be done about it. No big deal, Voltz isn't a popular however I was at my wits end when the #13 faction on the faction list didn't have factions in it...
    This is disgusting as large servers can put misleading tags on their servers and it doesn't seem like  they get punished, meanwhile smaller factions without misleading tags get punished and dwarfed by other servers.
    Can we please make a report system to report servers that do this and punish them?? Maybe refresh their votes or take away half of their votes?
    It's wrong and shouldn't be rewarded, you should take action whenever you get the chance because I'm fed up with using this list and will go to other minecraft lists, I wont be the only one like this so if you want to compete with other sites like this you will take action.
    asked May 16, 2019 in Minecraft Servers by Spanty (130 points)

    1 Answer

    +1 vote
    It is annoying yes and we rely on players reporting it. Just send a mail to admin@minecraft-server-list.com with listings that use false tags.

    We do punish it if it happens more than once they put a tag on that they do not support (we deactivate the listing and await for them to contact us so we can re-explain the rules they should already know and follow using the site.

    So, please just email and it will be looked upon and action taken.
    answered May 16, 2019 by Claush (84,210 points)
    It advertises to have MCMMO and Factions
    It has neither it's #13 on factions without factions that's so wrong.
    fixed and noted for next time it should happen
    I don't mean to be a pain towards the server but they must have got quite a lot of members to join that server for doing so thus more votes.
    I just hope it's not a slap on the wrist is all as it would be good if they had more incentive to not make that mistake, like it's understandable if it's just once but they did it twice.
    Like how do you accidentally type two plugins that you don't have?
    You would be surprised how much we see of "tricks" to get more exposure.. Cheating can come in many forms. And some are really brutal and have no remorse.
    A false tag is kinda mild "cheat" - but we still take it serious and if they repeat the action with a false tag, we do take action as I mentioned and disable their server. Then we have a talk with them and explain the rules.
    Re-enable them if they seem to understand we do not tolerate it.
    If it then happens again, the punishment just enhances and duration for being disabled will rise.
    We believe in second chances, but not unlimited chances.
    i mean on their own server they would punish members for breaking the rules maybe the server should have a taste of its own medicine.
    I just don't think you should be rewarded for breaking the rules of the site.
    You wont as you end up getting your server deactivated/delisted with a penalty on so you cannot get back on.
    How on earth is it a mild cheat? They were #13 for factions without having to implement factions.
    I'm not saying don't give them a second chance but make it so cheaters never prosper, that would be like if a hacker went on their server and the staff member was like. "Okay you can keep the stuff you got via hacking and if we catch you hacking again we will take a bit more action."
    Maybe it would be less common if you took more action the first time, at this point it would be beneficial to just about any server to use this tactic and to not do it once warned.
    It reminds me of when I was in High school the teachers had a 3 strike policy, however students not being complete idiots would abuse the fact they get 2 strikes and wait till the class is over to repeat it next class as strikes get refreshed when you go to another class.
    If you deny the first 2 strikes and just go straight to punishment

    Like maybe I'm not understanding this, all you did was disabled their misleading tags? That really wouldn't deter any other servers from abusing it at all.
    You can have your opinion, I have mine on how to run the site.
    I am known to be strict but fair. Fair meaning, it could have been a mistake. Why the chance everyone deserves. But as explained, they cannot redo it without punishment.
    It has worked for almost a decade with this policy. And it works in rl also for minor offences. Atleast in a civilized country.
    You have to take in account, they might have had factions and mcmmo when they created/edited the listing. But since then removed them for various reasons.. So not deliberately trying to cheat, but not using the time to go to all server lists they added their server to and update.
    I don't know if you've seen how disruptive students are these days but I've had entire lessons where the teacher spends the whole lesson telling the students to be quiet.
    And I'm just saying I was on the server and I complained about the tags, and someone used the defence that everyone is doing it so it's not really a big deal (Not a member of staff just a casual player).
    And he is not alone in thinking that, I am honestly not surprised when around %20 however it feels like %50. Have you ever asked from the community how badly they feel the tagging system is?
    You know some people when they're feeling nice will turn off their adblock for websites they feel good about using, just like I do when I'm watching certain content creators I like. It's just beneficial to all if you can just tackle this situation a lot better.

    I know you've been doing this for 10 years however just consider change and don't outright dismiss it.
    A removal of a percentage of votes wont deter minecraft servers from using this website, and I believe the votes would mean more on a server that takes this sort of abuse really seriously.
    (At least if it does deter people it will deter the kind of servers we don't want advertised on here as servers that have that kind of attitude tend to have a worse of a feel to it, like when they don't care about gameplay and more about numbers.)

    Like if you could somehow send an email or make it public that you're going to take harsher action against those who use false tags a month or two before doing so that will have a lot of servers thinking twice about it.
    A punishment has the ability to be a second chance, that faction tag may have accounted for say %5 of the votes as those looking for a faction server may have just settled for that server and they were that much higher on the board by getting more advertisement. If you take away %10-%20 of the votes away from the servers that do so they wont find doing so worth it.
    You're very kind and I like your attitude, it's just people seem to be exploiting this kindness, they're abusing that first chance that they can get for free.
    Maybe you could have a system that accounts for the the time at which they put that tag in and the amount of votes they got since then and then the percentage could be accurate. That wouldn't be too unfair and it wouldn't be a slap on the wrist it would just be perfect.
    Like they still would have  gained the players from doing so and your site will be taken more seriously.
    I'm sorry for bothering you I don't know why I care so much it just seems like such a good way for this site to grow.
    And not to mention it's really difficult when you're trying to find that perfect server with low ping, a good amount of players and with the exact tags you're looking for and to top it off when you finally think you've found one and it's a false tag it's the worst feeling ever.
    I'm just saying personally I feel like the site could provide a better experience just by doing so.

    Even if you were to make a poll requesting what both server creators and users would think it could really make the world of difference to a lot of users.
    Well if you made the punishment worth worrying about they will think about it, and also in most cases it wont be the case.
    A lot of members will go to that site and ask "Where are the factions? Where is the MCMMO?"
    Like all you would have to do is receive the reports and wait for a week or two in order to punish them.
    As it would be clear that they are doing it on purpose or they simply don't care. And is that what you want? Your users to not care about your rules??

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