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i got a message saying I hacked, but i didn't. I paid. Now I'm banned for 23 hours. Help.

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My son paid for three men.  And now when he wants to play capture the flag he keeps getting a message saying he's banned for 23 hours for hacking.  Please help.
asked Jun 15, 2012 in Minecraft Servers by anonymous

1 Answer

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You're probaly speaking about http://minecraftpvp.com/?

The servers they run uses a mod, which in some situations ban people for 24 hour because they cheat. But sometimes this mod fails at banning and might ban you for no reason.


I suggest you wait it out.


You can also research yourself on the forums: http://forum.minecraftpvp.com/yaf_topics56_Banned-from-the-servers.aspx

answered Jun 16, 2012 by anonymous
selected Jul 17, 2012 by miklvy